The Jeremiahs


The Jeremiahs


Sleeve Notes

1. The Luggites  

 Growing up at the foot of the Dublin mountains evoked images for James of the ancient clans that lived in the hills and their wild ways and readiness to defend their land.The Lug, a small plateau or hollowed area in the hillside is the setting for these images and this tune pays homage to those people, some of who still survive today.Some are two hundred years old :) poor aul divils.

2.Mary (Adam Holmes)   

A brief love story capturing endearing moments between a young couple and in contrast  the uncertainties young love brings with it. ultimately resulting in this class song by Adam Holmes of Edinburgh.


Finalised in it's entirety on the first of May( hence the name.) this set is comprised of J.C.'s engrossing 'The moon in the lake' which morphs gracefully into 'Under the Fir' and on into 'Mayday'( cue head nodding for the final stretch).

4. Forgotten Sons

The inspiration for this song came after watching a documentary on the forgotten Irish in England and the Irish film 'Kings' which is based on the play 'Kings of the Kilburn High Road'.We jokingly refer to one of Ireland's pastimes being emigration but the the truth is that the Irish have a long history and tradition of emigrating  to try and find a better life.Some succeed and some don't.This song is dedicated to the latter.

5. 25 O'Clock

That dreaded time in the morning when the soundtrack to your life suffers a peculiar key change.We all know it.

6.Hog Eye Man (Trad arr. The Jeremiahs)

One could go on all day about the origins a song like Hog Eye Man.This version began life as a sea shanty and has many many variations,most often too rude to print on any album sleeve.It appears that the Hog Eye Man in this scenario would have been a type of labourer,navvy or roustabout if you will,usually in these songs a man of negro origins,who being in the right place at the right time was looked upon amourously by the unchaste Sally or Sally Jane, much to the dismay of her lover.We'll leave the rest up to your imagination...

7.The King of Rome (Dave Sudbury)

A true story concerning a racing pigeon which was entered into a race from Rome to Derby in England (1001 miles)in 1913, only to win against all the odds.Charlie Hudson and his pigeon flew in the face of adversity and came out triumphant.This is his tale. Inspirational.

8. INJEE/ Anon s' Anall

Written in the key of G. How clever is the name? Injeenious

9.The North Sea Holes (Ewan Mc Coll

In all it's unfixed nature the North Sea plays host to a vast array of fishermen as diverse as the harvest they reap.Tackling one of the world's most unpredictable oceans and in conditions most of us can't imagine,these men are unflinching. A great song crafted in their honour.

10. The Midnight Muse

This set might keep you up well beyond midnight...we hope.At least ten past anyway....Enjoy!

Guest Musician

Trevor Hutchinson plays Double Bass on tracks 1,2,3,5,6,9 & 10


Thanks a million to Brían Gavin and all the staff at Áras Chrónáin,Colin Gillen at Framelight studios,Trevor Hutchinson for putting bass in the place,Ted Kelly and  the families Corry,Ryan,Gibney and Morel. All our WAGs ,Alvin for mastering ,Benjamin Erler for sleeve design, Colin Goldie and everyone else who helped us on the way.Enjoy!

Extra special thanks and eternal indebtedness to the O.G. Mr.Finbarr English.Cheesy pasta  eh Finbarr....cheers.

All tracks composed and arranged by the Jeremiahs (IMRO) except where stated Injee and Midnight Muse composed by Finbarr English.

Recorded and mixed by James Ryan at Pluais studio, Áras Chrónáin,Dublin.

Mastered by Alvin Sweeney

Art and Design by Benjamin Erler

                                    Miscellaneous notes

Describing an album as' traditional'  can cover it and for us this album with all it's new tunes and newly arranged songs, does, in places, fall into 'trad'. However there are few things sweeter than using age old ingredients with a pinch of modern to mix it up.So instead of a precise, clinical description, we'll liken it instead to this short story by Joe. Thanks to everyone and above all....Enjoy. The Jeremiahs.


 Imagine in your mind's eye a dark,damp eerie winter's evening.Dusk.You wake suddenly to the touch of cold rain to the side of your face.

 Struggling to your feet you peer through the stillness.Nothing but gnarled trees and the smell of rotten foliage.A dog barks in the distance and with caution you head for the sound.

 Through the blackened branches and over swampy ground you stumble,happening upon a makeshift cabin at the edge of the wood spilling candlelight from it's cracks. The door is barely hanging on as you peek through the opening. A grey old woman sits still by the fireside. Her silver hair flickering yellow in the light.The grey flagstone floor and gruel filled cauldron scream echoes of the past and as she turns angrily to reveal her dead eyes and large crooked nose she approaches the door.Frozen with terror and panic stricken at her hellish demeanour you speak.The old woman stops dead in her tracks as you blurt out the only thing you can think of in this dark, remote, lonely and dangerous place....'Any wi-fi missus?

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